The following blogs containing Pathways training are designed to take a new member from understanding where to login to Toastmasters International, obtain their training material, until they have completed their first Level of their selected Pathway and how to close off that Level.

I encourage clubs to setup a New Member Mentor Program to make the transition much easier for new members and create a great learning experience for members rising as New Member Mentors. Section 2 has been developed on that for you to explore.

The following trainings are also part of the first session in the New Member Training series and is designed for BEGINNER members. The purpose is to provide a new member insight and the necessary “know how” of the Toastmasters education regarding Pathways and where to find your training materials. Then if your club uses the amazing club administration online experience of easySPEAK, there is Section 1.2 that helps with those basics for BEGINNERS too.

Let’s help new members have a positive experience from the beginning and let them enjoy the warmth and care of your club while building great relationships and positive networking as you grow their potential by saving time using this site and all the training resources here.

Please let me know if you have any specific training needs that I can add here to help you.