About Granny Be007 Professional

History revealed an important commonality amongst dynamic leaders of change in how they inspired ACTION, lead INTENTIONALLY for a cause, resulting in huge SUCCESS! Such leaders still stand out from the crowd with their innovative action plans and the capacity to rally the support needed to be successful. Typically, the likes of Martin Luther King Jr and Mahatma Gandhi, who demonstrated their passion for the cause by creating a “Culture of Care” around them, which gained the support of the masses causing change. These leaders were futurists in their thinking, demonstrating creativity and innovation.

How has COVID19 impacted you, your business, company, etc? What changes have you been forced to make? What contingencies can you put in place to ensure sustainability and business “new usual”? How can you create a healthy environment again??

Granny Be007 is ready to assist as she is passionate about inspiring ACTION, grooming leaders, creatively sharing, secret success solutions. With over 30 years of Leadership experience, she has trained and coached many leaders. She is focused on the power of INTENTIONAL leadership, actioning an attitude of gratitude within a “Culture of Care”. She draws from her various leadership experiences as; Managing Director and CEO.

She has authored the book; How Leading …with Results WORK! As, Coach, Conference and Keynote Speaker or MC, this tech savvy baby boomer is motivational, instigates innovation and has a unique capacity to present technical information with simplicity and clarity, she inspires ACTION with a true Granny Be007 twist.

About Granny Be007 Personal

Granny Be was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, being the youngest of her mother and her fathers’ only child. She moved to Namibia when she married in 1984 and has 4 adult children and 2 grandchildren.

She loves to laugh… no she is not a comedian, but she enjoys learning, living, loving and laughing. That is also the legacy she would like to leave behind.

Granny Be’s learning variety is vast with subjects like; Spiritual, leadership, listening, global trends, technology, futuristic, natural health, breathing, organic gardening, etc.

Living life to its fullest capacity, and bringing vibrant life into a project, meeting, environment, etc. is evident in her life. When she enters a room the energy changes. She walks fast, drives… :O, moves fast and easily talks fast. She carries a childlike excitement and gratitude for just about everything. She is often heard saying… “I will never become an old woman, maybe and older child”

Granny Be spots value in a person easily. She will love you in true Granny Be fashion; hug your breath out, inspire you into ACTION or give you a loving kick on the butt in the right direction to be INTENTIONAL when needed. Besides that, there is so much more that she loves; her God, her family, nature, the sea, the list is endless as when you meet her, you experience love and care.

If there was something annoying about Granny Be, it might be how often she laughs when others don’t even smile.